10 Most Famous athletes in the world

10 Most Famous athletes in the world: An athlete is a person proficient in sports or other forms of physical exercise. They compete in a game that includes physical strength, endurance, or speed. The popularity or fame of an athlete depends upon the skill level and the liking of the people which increases their salary or worth of the person. Although the fame of the athletes changes over time, as new athletes are filling the shoes of the older ones, new kings are formed, and old ones are dethroned. This chain is in the process from the time sports are introduced. Here, we try to make a list of the top ten most famous athletes of modern times. We will start in descending order starting from the 10th position up to the 1st .

10. Usain Bolt:

Usain Bolt is often recognized as the fastest man on the earth, he is a retired Jamaican sprinter, who has won several sprints and has a record in 100, 200, and 4 X 100-meter relay. He is an eight times gold medalist. He is considered the greatest athlete. His net worth is $90 million.

9. Virat Kohli

On number 9, we have an Indian batsman and former captain of the Indian national cricket team. 11 years ago, Virat Kohli made his international test debut and from then, he has not looked behind, he has come to that phase of his cricketing career, where whenever he does not score a century, we feel that his form is not there, nowadays he is unable to score a century for last three years, but still he is included in the top 10 most famous athletes of the world. He is the most followed Asian/Indian celebrity in the world. He has 210 million followers on Instagram to date. He has scored 8,074 test runs, 12,344 ODI runs, and 3,308 T20Is runs to date. He has a net worth of $127 million.

8. Kevin Durant:

Kevin Durant

Number nine on this list is Kevin Durant, he is an American basketball player. He has won the 2013-14 most valuable players’ award (MVP), and he is the next big thing that happens to the NBA National Basketball Association. He has an average of 29.9 points in 55 games in 2021. His net worth is $200 million.

7. Tiger Woods:

Tiger woods is an American professional golf star, he is the joint first on the PGA tour, and his ranking is second in major male championships, he also holds several world records, and he is one of three athletes that earn more than a billion dollar. His net worth is $1 billion. Although he is a billionaire his fame is less than others because he also earns from other sources such as real estate.

6. Neymar Jr:

Neymar Jr. is a Brazillian footballer, he is number six on this list. He took his number of goals for his national team to 64 with a hat-trick in the match against Peru in the latest WorldCup qualifier. He recently surpassed his former countryman and striker Ronaldo with a goal tally of 62 and is just 13 goals behind the legendary Pele. He will surpass him soon. His net worth is $220 million.

5. Rafael Nadal:

Rafael Nadal is a Spanish tennis player, his ranking is currently number 3 in the association of tennis professionals. He remains ranked number 1 for 209 weeks. He also finishes the year as the number 1 tennis player for 5 years. He was a strong competitor of the great Roger Federer. Their matches were a treat to watch. His net worth is $220 million.

4. Roger Federer:

On number four we have, the recognized GOAT (Great Of All Time) and the greatest tennis player on the earth and a famous athlete, he has several records to his name. He is a swiss tennis player. He remains ranked number 1 for 310 weeks, this also includes a consecutive 237 weeks number 1 position in the association of tennis professionals. He finishes the year as number 1 for 5 years. He is among the three tennis players to have won 1000 or more games in the open era. His net worth is $550 million.

3. LeBron James:

LeBron James

On number three we have, the basketball champion, the aggressor on the field, a family man, an athlete, and an entrepreneur, widely speaking he is the King. He is an American basketball player, he is four times NBA champion, a four-times NBA finals MVP, 4 times NBA MVP, and 18 times NBA all-star player. He has several records like these, but here we have our limitation to write about him. He has 130 million Instagram followers. His net worth is $1 billion.

2. Lionel Messi:

Often claimed by the fans, reporters, and game critics as the GOAT (Great Of All The Time), Lionel Messi is a very talented and record-breaking celebrity and a famous athlete. He is an argentian footballer. He has won the Ballon d’Or award a record seven times, the European Golden shoe a record six times and he was also named to the Ballon d’Or team in 2020. He had won the club Barcelona 35 trophies, which is a record. He has the most La Liga goals, and several other records, here we sum up the conversation by just writing a few of the records. He has the most assists records, and most hat-tricks record also. He has 354 million Instagram followers. He has a net worth of approximately $ 620 million.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo:

On number one we have the famous, most popular athletes, a footballer from Portugal, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. After Lionel Messi, he is the most successful and the greatest player in the game. He has won the Ballon d’Or award five times, the European Golden shoe four times, and won 32 trophies in his career. He is the most followed celebrity on Instagram and has 472 million followers. His net worth is $1 billion.