A Day at the National Rail Museum Delhi: Exploring the Rich Heritage of Indian Railways

The students must be taken on educational visits to grasp more knowledge about a particular subject. The Khaitan School organized a trip to the National Rail Museum Delhi to spread awareness among children of class 2 about types of engines and to learn about the innovation of trains over the years. The main objective of the journey to the National Rail Museum was to how humans travel from one place to another, the types of wheels in different modes of transport, how people used to travel in the past, gain knowledge by seeing the exhibits, and many more. 


On the day of the visit, students were told to assemble in the morning and after the head count were to board the bus with their respective teachers. The National Rail Museum represents more than 166 years of heritage on 11 acres of land. The students were surprised to see the outdoor gallery houses with a variety of diesel, steam, and electric rail cars and trains. The major attraction of the museum for the students was the toy train and they enjoyed that ride on that train. The toy train runs along the parameters of the museum and riders get a glance at other attractions of the museum. The indoor gallery was a display of stories on early railway transportation. The photographs, documents, static exhibits, old furniture, and much more witnessed the remarkable experience of more than five lakh visitors every year. The students got a closer look and all the knowledge about the history of railways, and innovation of railways over the years in India. The time moved forward and the students were to board back in the buses and move back to school. During the entire visit, the students behaved properly and were well-disciplined. They carried some lifetime memories to always cherish.


After reaching the school, the students were given a task to draw and write their experiences about their whole visit and also what they learned from there on an A4 size sheet. The students learned a lot from there They got to know about the history of railways and how it has been changed over the years, their listening, and their imaginative skills also. Their speaking skills also improved when they communicated about the trains, engines, and other mode of transport. The student’s learning experience was also improved from this visit.


students should be taken on such educational visits so that they can learn more about the things and can experience them in reality. The students learned a lot by visiting the National Rail Museum, They got to know about the history of railways and how the country has evolved over the years and is now the largest railway network in Asia. The students got all the knowledge about the types of trains and how their engines work and improved their knowledge. The students enjoyed the most on toy train which runs along the parameters of the museum and got to see all the amazing attractions of this museum. The rail museum ticket price is affordable.

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