Aku si PETERNAK LELE MOD APK 1.3 (Unlimited Money)


If you are a person who is interested in casual and exciting game plays of fish farming then aku si peternak lele mod apk is the best game for you. In this blog we are going to tell you more about the advanced and mod version of this game where some unique and free features are provided. 

Aku si PETERNAL LELE game – Know more about it 

This is a game which android players can play and here they have to play the role of a catfish farm and then you can enjoy the most amazing gameplay of simulation. 

You can begin a business of your own with a simple water tank and some fishes and then you can enjoy raising fishes so that they can grow fully and then you can finally sell them. 

When you sell the fish you can earn money from it and you can continue to invest in your business again and make your business profitable. 

This game has one of the most amazing and exciting game play which will give you an adventurous experience and if you love farming then it is like a cherry on the top. 

The simple controls make it easy for you to manage your actions in the game and you can also explore the variations of the fishes which are available for you in the game. 

In the mod version you can also unlock various interesting characters and can roam freely in the game and find out various other locations. 

Features for the users available on Aku si PETERNAL LELE mod apk – 

Here are all the amazing features which you will get when you will play and download aku si peternak lele mod apk. 

As mentioned the controls of the game are pretty simple and the mechanics of the game are also pretty interesting besides which you will get the chance to design as well as decorare the land which you own. 

There are variations in the fishes which are there in the game and you can select any fish you want to and the interesting characters will also be there with whom you can interact. 

You are also allowed to freely roam around streets in the game and explore new things and new stores. 

You can also enjoy the offline game play and more importantly there will be unlimited money also available for you in the mod version so that you can buy anything you want within the game. 

Another amazing thing which you will get to access in the mod game you will be able to play the game without any hindrance as the game play will be free of ads. 

You can get the game in mod apk installed on your device and by following the instructions mentioned for you, you will be able to get the game downloaded on your device as well. 

We believe that the instructions and details offered to you have been of help for you and you were able to play the game whenever you wanted to.