An Expert’s Guide To Bolted Zinc Aluminum Steel Tanks

Tanks are needed across all industrial, residential, and commercial areas as a major water storehouse. These can not only store gallons of water at a time but also form a crucial supply system in scarce and disaster situations. Over the years, the technologies used in designing and constructing these tanks have evolved a lot to cater to different requirements and environmental conditions. From having anti-corrosive inner lining to a storage capacity of over 50,000 gallons of water, the innovative features are what contributed to the popularity of these tanks. 

Needless to say, the bolted zinc aluminum steel tanks have outsmarted its competitors in terms of quality, material choice, sustainability, and performance. Rising to popularity since the last few decades, these tanks have proven to be superior than the regular aluminum or steel ones used for water storage. Below we have illustrated a complete guide on the bolted zincalume steel tank to help you make a well-informed decision about water storage. 

What Are Bolted Zinc Aluminum Steel Tanks?

A special type of water storage tank, the bolted zincalume steel tanks feature excellent craftsmanship and a meticulous choice of materials. These are suitable for varied environmental conditions, from dry and arid regions to locations having high humidity and damp air. Being highly resistant to corrosion and rusting, they can last for years without affecting the water quality or demeaning performance. 

Material Choice

The bolted zinc aluminum steel tanks are made from three major materials in the industry, namely:

  1. Zinc: It forms the outer layer of the tank and is the main source of anti-corrosion property. Since zinc has higher reactivity than aluminum or steel, it reacts first with the atmospheric oxygen or any other corrosive chemicals, thereby protecting the inner foundation materials.
  2. Aluminum: This metal makes the tank rigid, provides more stability to its structure, and also enhances the anti-corrosive property. 
  3. Steel: The core of the water tank is made from steel, having higher grade than the regular ones. It imparts an impeccable structural stability and durability, ensuring the tanks can withstand innumerable water pressure when filled to their brim. 


Instead of using a single steel sheet to construct the tank, numerous parallel panels are joined together via bolted connections to achieve the desired vertical tank height. Each steel panel used in its construction undergoes several coating layers of aluminum and zinc, thereby developing a high resistance against corrosion and rusting over time. Also, the bolted connections are strong enough to prevent links or collapsing of the structure when subjected to high water pressure against the inner walls. 

Benefits Of Bolted Zinc Aluminum Steel Tanks


Cost-effectiveness is derived from a lot of interim facts. The initial purchase and installation costs of the bolted zinc aluminum steel tanks are substantially higher than the conventional tanks used for water storage purposes. However, these tanks do not require intensive maintenance or repairing work over the years. Furthermore, you won’t have to buy another tank, not at least for the coming few years. Therefore, their high longevity and low maintenance requirements make the tanks a cost-effective solution over others, along with a fruitful investment across all fields. 

Low Maintenance

With the middle aluminum and exterior sacrificial zinc layers guarding the steel core, the zincalume tanks do not require too much maintenance activities throughout their life cycles. Both these metallic coatings make the tanks resistant to different types of corrosive reactions, including rusting and oxidation. As a result, the structural stability is not impacted by any means. Furthermore, the bolted connections between the individual steel panels are strong and fortified enough to prevent leaks in the long run. Therefore, the need to repair the steel tanks or replace its parts is reduced by a considerable rate, making them well-suited for versatile applications. 

Quality Drinking Water

When tanks are used for storing water, the primary goal of all manufacturers is to ensure their products won’t contaminate the water by any means. This is where the bolted zinc aluminum steel tanks display an uncanny superiority over other options you have in hand. Not only do they prevent corrosion and formation of rust but also ensure the water stored inside doesn’t get contaminated with chemicals. Therefore, people can easily use the water for drinking and cooking purposes. In fact, the higher quality factor of the stored water in zincalume tanks make it suitable for industrial applications also where contamination can severely impact the processes. 

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly

The higher resistive power of these tanks against different types of corrosive components and the fortified construction using bolted connections make the products highly durable with a longer lifespan. Therefore, users won’t have to replace the tanks any time soon. On top of this, the coated steel panels used in their construction can be dismantled and recycled further for other purposes. So, the carbon footprint of these bolted zincalume steel tanks is reduced substantially, making them an eco-friendlier and sustainable option for water storage. 


Here, we have explained the superior material choice and construction process of the bolted zinc aluminum steel tanks that make them corrosion-resistance, leak-proof, durable, and low maintenance option for storing water. It is these attributes that cater to the versatile applications of the tanks in fields like industrial storage, drinking water storage, and so on.