How to read mobile sim messages on a computer?

How to read mobile sim messages on a computer? How to read Native messages on your computer with the help of using the new Google feature? Are you want to know if you can remote your android native messages on your computer?

If your answer is “YES” then the Tivixy team will help you. First, you need to know that finally google released this new update that you can access your native messages and easily handle them all on a computer.

Website: is the website from where you can access and remote all messages. This feature is very much improved in the last 5 years. We can’t think that Google adds so many things to it. And Autocorrect has so many suggestions to improve grammar mistakes. After using some other features might they can be smarter.

How does the Pairing function work?

             If you are using the Messages feature on your android device, you can understand the conversation is how much important. A huge number of features are introduced in android 11 or furthermore in future versions.

Initially, open your message application on your android and click on the top right 3 vertical dots on your android then you will see the second option is Device pairing. After clicking on it a new page is open where you can see an image where a man searching QR Scanner and on the bottom of that image you can see the QR code scanner. After clicking on it, a Scanner will open on your Android and see How to read mobile sim messages on a computer?

Further On, go to your web browser from your android or PC’s and search the link which I give already on the website section. There, you will find 2 options which are given below:

  1. Message for Web
  2. Download 

If you want to download or message on android on your PC, then it’s your choice. Click on the Message on the web. After clicking on it this type of page will appear:

Now, place your mobile in front of this QR code and your mobile automatically scans this code and your device is connected with your PC.

            It works the same as WhatsApp web. By using this feature, you can text anyone, archive chat, pinned chat, send images, emotionally suggested emojis (if you enable it from setting), and voice too.

Remember this Computer is also another option which is very helpful for you. If you don’t want to log out and want to get access just click on the link, then “Enable” this option.


          In my opinion, this feature is very useful and much better than the previous way. Same as it is you can make your chat more technical, smoother, faster & easy than others. You can also enjoy this feature and make your chat more efficient like professionals.