Bathroom Bliss: Quality Fittings and Accessories for You

Consider adding luxurious elements such as organic leather cabinet handles or sea green glass mosaics into your design scheme to elevate the bathroom to new levels of opulence.

Add some fragrance with locally made medium soy candles and an executive white hand towel from local vendors, or experience smart toilet luxury with a Bliss bidet seat which features heated seat and bowl, hands-free warm water spray or bidet cleansing, automatic/manual flushing capabilities and automatic/manual flushing features.


Towels are not only essential bathroom fittings, but can also make an elegant statement about the style and ambiance of your space. Their instant impact creates an instant statement about who you are while also setting a tone of casual luxury in any given bathroom design.

High-quality towels are made of ringspun combed cotton that has been ringspun spun to create soft and absorbent towels. Ring spinning also eliminates many harmful chemicals used in traditional cotton processing that could otherwise have an adverse impact on both the environment and skin, such as industrial bleaches containing PVA starch, urea and wax as well as caustic defoamers and optical brighteners that are harmful.

Linen, a natural fiber from flax plants, is highly durable and dries much more quickly than cotton, making it perfect for summer clothing and linen cloths like napkins, handkerchiefs and tea towels. Furthermore, linen towels may develop wrinkles over time but these can easily be flattened out with an iron for a sleek appearance.


Quality bathroom textiles are essential. From soft linen to practical microfiber, you need bath sheets, bath mats and hand towels of high quality in your space – bath sheets, mats and hand towels add luxuriousness that feels good against your skin. Look for sets with all sizes you require in a color scheme that complements your space; popular brands may not provide as high a level of craftsmanship as expected.

An extra-soft robe may not be strictly necessary in every bathroom, but having one will make you feel like a guest in your own home. There’s an ideal robe out there to suit every taste – from extra long laid-back linen to organic cotton or plush terry cloth for spa-inspired treatments!

Wood stools or small slim side tables add luxurious accents to any bathtub area, adding instant beauty with fresh blooms in a vase on it or stacked frames art like designer Toledo Geller did here.

Toilet Seat

A toilet seat is an integral component of any bathroom that combines function and aesthetics. A white finish may work best in terms of color coordination with your toilet, though colored versions also exist. Some have soft-close hinges for quieter, cleaner use compared to standard models; and others even feature bidet functionality, making cleaning more comfortable while helping prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Not all homeowners care much about the look of their toilet seats; for those that do, however, there are luxury choices that can elevate this fixture and create an aesthetic bathroom space that is both welcoming and elegant.

An elegant toilet paper holder made of high-grade Makassar wood and sleek stainless steel may feature a built-in box for wet wipes.

Area Rugs

Area rugs offer a simple and cost-effective solution for adding warmth and character to any room, without carpet.

Before purchasing an area rug, it is essential to consider its sizing and placement in the space. In general, an 18″ wide rug that extends at least 2′ past the furniture grouping in the room will help avoid furniture pushing it around while protecting it from heavy impacts.

Area rugs offer another advantage by helping reduce slipperiness on bare flooring, especially when wet. By creating a safe space with area rugs on it for family members to walk on safely and comfortably. They also help slow the energy flowing too rapidly through hard surfaces which could otherwise cause anxiety or excitement.


Small details in a bathroom can make an incredible impactful statement about its design aesthetic and functionality. From towel bars and robe hooks, the right accessories can provide convenient storage while adding a personal touch of style. When shopping for new items that complement your design aesthetic – such as minimalistic accessories with bold color blocks if going for modern aesthetic – make sure they match up with each other seamlessly – otherwise, new additions could look out of place in their new environment.

Before purchasing furniture, take into account how large or small it will fit in your space and keep in mind that most pieces require professional installation to ensure safe set-up in accordance with local building codes and regulations.

Online retailers provide convenient returns if your purchase doesn’t satisfy. As an additional benefit, purchasing bathroom accessories online may often be less costly than visiting physical stores. Plus, online retailers make returns fast and effortless!


Although bathrooms may not typically be thought of as places for hanging artwork, the bathroom can make for an excellent place for eye-catching prints to add flair. From gallery walls to vibrant canvas prints, finding art that looks good can easily fit in this environment.

Artwork you select for your bathroom should convey more of a message than just matching its colors, such as Jo Perry’s Bathtime or Lucia Heffernan’s Pooping on People, which reminds children how to properly use the toilet and wash their hands after using it.

GRAFF offers several eclectic aesthetic options that offer something for any design taste: vintage-inspired looks with their Vintage Collection that utilizes classic fire hose nozzles or more contemporary looks like their Vignola Collection, which provides endless opportunities for artistic interpretation and design inspiration.