Does EVA Air Charge for Seat Selection? A Detailed Guide

EVA Air Charge for Seat Selection

In the realm of air travel, one of the crucial decisions passengers face is selecting their seats. However, the process may come with additional charges depending on the airline’s policy. For travelers considering EVA Air, the question arises: does EVA Air charge for seat selection? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into EVA Air’s seat selection policy, including procedures, fees, and tips to navigate the process seamlessly.

Understanding EVA Air Seat Selection Policy

EVA Air offers various options for seat selection, depending on factors such as class of service, fare type, and timing of selection. For passengers traveling in Premium Laurel Class and Business Class, seat selection is complimentary, allowing them to choose their preferred seats at no extra cost. Additionally, families booking together may enjoy free seat selection across all cabin classes, enhancing the travel experience for the entire family.

Process of Seat Selection on EVA Air

To select seats on EVA Air, passengers can utilize online or mobile check-in up to 48 hours before departure. This process allows travelers to choose their seats conveniently, ensuring they secure their preferred seating arrangements. However, it’s essential to note that seats with extra legroom, such as exit seats, may not be available for free selection.

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EVA Air Seat Selection Fees

While seat selection may be complimentary for certain passengers and fare types, EVA Air imposes fees for seat selection on international flights operated by the airline or its subsidiary, UNI Air. The fees range from $50 for short-haul flights to $160 for long-haul flights, providing passengers with the option to reserve specific seats for added comfort and convenience.

Tips for Seat Reservations on EVA Air

For travelers planning to reserve seats on EVA Air, it’s advisable to do so well in advance, preferably at least two days before the flight’s departure. This ensures availability and allows passengers to secure their preferred seating arrangements. Additionally, passengers should be mindful of the number of tickets they can purchase and ensure compliance with document requirements to avoid any issues during boarding.

Upgrade EVA Air for Enhanced Comfort

For passengers seeking additional luxuries and amenities during their flight, upgrading to premium classes on EVA Air is an excellent option. Premium Laurel Class and Business Class offer exclusive benefits, including complimentary seat selection, allowing travelers to enjoy a seamless and comfortable journey. If you’re looking to upgrade EVA Air for enhanced comfort, consider opting for these premium classes.


In conclusion, while EVA Air offers complimentary seat selection for certain passengers and fare types, fees may apply for others, particularly on international flights. By understanding the seat selection policy, passengers can navigate the process effectively, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free travel experience. Whether opting for complimentary selection or choosing to pay for preferred seats, EVA Air remains committed to providing passengers with flexibility and convenience throughout their journey.

For further assistance or inquiries regarding seat selection on EVA Air, passengers can reach out to the airline’s customer service representatives for personalized support and guidance. With careful planning and adherence to the seat selection guidelines, passengers can optimize their travel experience with EVA Air, making every journey memorable and enjoyable.