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The Himalayas have always been the favourite destination for people to get peace and adventure and treat their eyes with the gift of nature, where your energy can be replenished and you can come back with more than what you have; yes we are talking about peace of mind, memories and loving life. 

Himalayan treks in India receive heavy snowfall in winter. Moving on a snow carpet is one heck of an experience. The grass in winter also hit differently. If you are planning for snow treks in India then we have a wonderful adventurous trek for you. 

Brahmatal trek


Want a change from the daily chaos of a monotonous schedule? 

What’s better than the mighty Himalayas far from the concrete jungle? Brahmatal trek offers you serene views of stunning landscapes at an altitude of 12,250 ft. Create a memorable experience in brahmatal which gives you a different experience in every season. If you are looking for an unspoiled beauty then this place is a must to visit, with totally new routes and enchanting landscapes. It is an underrated trek that is not very popular among trekkers, which makes it more adventurous. 

The gateway of the trek is from Loha Jung a small village in Uttarakhand, the stretch to brahmatal is 24 km. Your journey to the mountains starts from kathgodam, a 216 km drive in between scenic mountains and the majestic vistas. Brahmatal summit offers you a close view of 7000 m above the peaks of the grandeur Himalayas.

The trail will take you to the snow land at such a height, and experience the snow carpet on the brahmatal trek. The view offers on the entire trail is spectacular. The 360-degree panoramic view of high altitude mountains and some of them are above 7000 m high. Some major peaks you will witness are mt. Trishul, mt. Nanda ghunti, mt. Hathi Ghoda and many others. 

Best time to visit

As we know that most of the treks cant be performed in winter due to heavy snowfall and the routes getting blocked, but the brahmatal trek can be performed in the peak time of winter, we are talking about December and January. December to March is considered the best time to trek for brahmatal. The forest section of the trail makes it different from other treks and acts as a shade for trekkers in freezing weather. You can avoid the rainy season which is very risky. 

From November to February winter lasts in brahmatal and the chances of snow are very high during this period. The fresh snow on trees and your trail creates a pleasant and stunning scenery. The light of the sun falling on snow makes it more glorious. In winter temperature can drop to 3 degrees during the day and to -10 degrees at night. 

Highlights of the trek

Trekking to 12,250 ft. traversing through dense forest, the glacial lake, and the view of high altitude peaks. All of this is in one trek of 5 to 6 days. The most underrated trek is not much popular among trekkers and definitely for thrill seekers. 

The trail is usually steep in all parts. It is overall a smooth-paced trek. The marvelous mountains and magnificent ridges will take you to the top at brahmatal, and you will see a different view of snow-capped mountains at the backdrop of brahmatal. You can also witness the Ali bugyal and bedni bugyal as the roopkund trek lies close to brahmatal. 

It is not just about high mountains but the trail through the forest is also bewitching. Passing through rhododendron, oak, and other mountain trees covered with snow giving it a silver look is heartwarming. While in summer the blooming of wildflowers, throws a vibrant range of colors that looks pleasant to walk by. 

Brahmatal and bekaltal lakes are the major attraction of this trek, but the mesmerizing campsites on the lakeside are delightful. Under the sky on ivory snow, the colorful tents look so stunning. It is a dream of many to have an experience in this spectacular environment in the surroundings of forest vegetation and the majestic mountains in the back. 

How to reach brahmatal?

Lohajung is considered the base camp of brahmatal trek. You can reach Loha Jung from kathgodam, it will take 8 hours and a 216 km drive. Kathgodam is well connected to major cities like Delhi and Dehradun. 320 km from Delhi and 277 from Dehradun. Kathgodam also has a railway station which is also well connected to other cities.