How Accurate Is Apple’s Find My iPhone?(2023)

Find My iPhone

Apple is very concerned about the security and safety of their devices. It’s common to misplace your phone and even in some cases, someone stole your phone. 


No other company provides you with an easy-to-locate device method than Apple. The “Find My iPhone” feature in your device will provide you with the current location, and last location, and you can even turn the sound on or off of your phone. Now the question that may arise in the mind of various users of the iPhone is how precise is Find My iPhone feature is. We will discuss its accuracy in this article along with some “Setting” suggestions that will help you to enhance its efficiency.

Can We Completely Rely Upon the Find My iPhone Feature?

The accuracy of this feature in the iPhone totally depends upon some conditions. If it meets all the requirements then you will get approximately 100% accuracy in the result.

Find My iPhone feature of the device needs GPS signals, Bluetooth, WiFi or the cellular network, and a cell terminal to identify your device’s location. By using the Maps app, you can see where your device is located which will be represented by the blue circle on the map.

How accurate is find my phone depends upon all the technologies defined above. Even if you won’t get the exact location due to any issue, it will give you an idea of its location that would be really helpful in finding your device.

How Does the “Find My iPhone” Feature Work?

It depends on various technological factors- how accurate is iPhone location. Let’s see how the feature helps to locate your device:

  • Allows you to see the device’s location on the map
  • If it is on silent mode, you can turn the sound on
  • Can then the silent mode on.
  • GPS directions of your device.

Is it Possible to Enhance the Accuracy of the “Find My iPhone” Feature?

You can enhance the accuracy of the location “find my iPhone” feature provides by following these ways:

  • Toggle on for “Precise Location”: “Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Find my iPhone. From there you have to enable the “Precise Location” option. It will help you to get a more precise location of your device.
  • Have a good internet connection: keep your device connected to a good internet connection, whether cellular or wifi, so that there won’t be any interruption in getting the location of your device.
  • Full Battery: Try to keep the battery full of your iPhone while going outside for no interruption in the sending location.
    • To get better accuracy, keep the device’s software up to date.
    • Set for Auto generation of Date & time setting of the device for better sync and location accuracy.
  • Turn on the “Send Last Location”: it will help even if the phone got off due to low battery or other reasons. “Settings> Account name> Find My> Find My iPhone> enable Send last location.

Final Thoughts

Locate your device with “Find My iPhone”. And Troubleshoot your technical issues by reading the blogs on Techzeel.