How are Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters Helpful for Industrial Purposes?

over the side immersion heaters

Looking for heaters for uniformity in liquid heating? Over-the-side immersion heaters can be of great assistance. This type of heater is an electrical device for heating liquids, oil, water, and other forms of substances. However, there are numerous kinds of immersion heaters with different materials, designs, and applications. These serve several purposes. Some of these are mentioned here. 

Ease of Installation

Over-the-side immersion heaters are very convenient to install. These can be placed directly on the side tank and around the container, without even demanding any major modifications. The vessel can be placed and installed in its prior way without much changes. This is a great choice for places where accessing the internal tanks can be impractical. 


These heaters are highly versatile and adaptable for several purposes. Over-the-side immersion heaters are helpful for commercial, industrial and research application purposes. Ideally, these units are suitable for places demanding excessive usage of oils, water, liquids, corrosive substances and chemicals. Such units makes the heating process easy here with modifying according to the area and the demand. 

Uniform Heating

Another essential trait of over-the-side immersion heaters is how it assures uniformity in heating the items. It promotes even heating throughout the liquid within any type of container. This helps to avoid any hotspots or localised heating within the item. Such processes are important for keeping up uniformity in the product quality and getting desirable outcomes. 


Size and shape will never be a concern with over-the-side immersion heaters. These units are available in all types, sizes, shapes, wattages, etc. Moreover, these also promote customization process to build heaters according to the type of industries. These give specific heating requirements of the application and ensure the services accordingly. 

Energy Efficiency

Over-the-side immersion heaters can be very helpful in maintaining the heating levels and efficiency within the industry. For this, the heaters transfer heat to the liquid, ensuring that these can be quickly and uniformly achieved within the unit. It also helps to maintain the desired temperature of the vessel and the liquid throughout.

Quick Response

These immersion heaters promote rapid heating with the immensely energetic supply unit. Since the heaters transfer the energy directly into the liquid, it is quickly responsive. This can be highly valuable for the applications where rapid temperature is a need and a must. Moreover, the response can be easily customised too. 

Easy Maintenance and Replacement

Over-the-side immersion heaters are optimally functional and easily manageable. These heaters can be quickly serviced and replaced without even interrupting the overall production and functioning. It can work without draining the entire tank. It reduces any operational disruptions and downtime of the unit.


These heaters are also safe to apply because of the security of applications. The heaters are designed with insulation and safety features within the tank. This helps to prevent direct contact with the vessel or the heating element. Such over-the-side immersion heaters are very helpful in minimising the risk of any accidents or burns. 


Another best part about these heaters is how it is compatible with most of the liquids. These heaters can be constructed using materials that are highly compatible with most of the oils, chemicals, corrosive substances, and even water. The unit makes it very diverse for the heating applications. Whether the industry requires pre heating, temperature maintenance or functionality in any other industrial processes, it is highly applicable. 

Cost Effectiveness

Over-the-side immersion heaters are budget-friendly solutions for localised heating needs. These units eliminate the complex heating process and system. Thus, making itself an efficient solution for heating without any energy losses. It is a cost-effective solution for industrial and commercial purposes. 

Temporary Heating

This heating solution can also be used for temporary heating where it is applicable during some specific processes, maintenance, and testing. Such processes make the mechanism useful even for a temporary period of time. 

These are the following purposes of over-the-side immersion heaters that will make processing easy. Find these online at Marathon Heater – a house of multipurpose and numerous types of heaters. Here, along with the items you will also be guided with the applications. This is to make decision-making easier for you. Try it! 

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