iPhone 14 — all the rumors and leaks so far

iPhone 14

Apple’s new iPhones may represent the most significant improvements in years, according to growing iPhone 14 speculations. According to the rumours thus far, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will have a more streamlined new look, a quicker A16 Bionic CPU, and a crisper new main 48MP camera. The small is anticipated to be discontinued in favour of a new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max, which might also affect the normal iPhone 14 lineup. But we’re also worried that the iPhone 14 could be pretty boring compared to the Pros(opens in new tab), since it may provide a very similar look and possibly evenAC last year’s A15 Bionic technology.

Here are the details we now know about the iPhone 14, why it is predicted to be one of Apple’s most popular products in 2022, and what we hope to see from the upcoming flagships. Visit our specialised iPhone 14 Pro site for additional information on the Pro line-up.

iPhone 14 latest rumors

Based on all the leaks and speculations we’ve seen, here are the top iPhone 14 rumours as of right now.

The computing capabilities of the more expensive models can be estimated from purported performance evaluations for the iPhone 14 Pro.

All iPhone 14 models are rumoured to receive two significant selfie camera enhancements.

We get a clear view of the potential design changes in the upcoming phones thanks to a video showing mock iPhone 14 units.

It’s possible that the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max may ship later than expected, but hopefully not.

Although the always-on display feature is believed to be limited to the Pro versions, code in the iOS 16 beta suggests the iPhone 14 will get one.

iPhone 14 possible release date and price  

According to the most recent rumour, the release date for the iPhone 14 is predicted to be September 13. That day seems to coincide with other rumours and Apple’s customary release schedule for the iPhone.

Apple appears to be taking efforts to reduce the likelihood that the iPhone 14 range would experience lengthy wait times due to production interruption among its major suppliers, given the damage the coronavirus pandemic has caused on supply chains. According to one rumour, Covid lockdowns in China are to blame for one of the four iPhone models being three weeks behind schedule(opens in new tab).

Regarding cost, a mediocre leaker Leaks Three of the four iPhone 14 variants, according to ApplePro, are expected to see price increases.

The MSRP of the new iPhone 14 Max is anticipated to be $899, while the basic iPhone 14 will likely remain at $799. However, the iPhone 14 Pro may cost $1,099, an increase of $100 from the $999 iPhone 13 Pro. And the price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max might rise similarly, reaching $1,199. We hope it’s not true because this comparatively large jump in launch pricing would hurt your wallet.

The normal iPhone 14 Pro will cost $1,099, according to a different leaker, Shadow Leak on Twitter (opens in new tab). It is therefore possible that the Pros will be more expensive this year.

If you’re debating between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 13, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to purchase the iPhone 13 right away rather than holding out for the iPhone 14.