Kiko Ventures opens a £375 million fund for environmental technology

Kiko Ventures

A £375 million fund for the creation of environmental technologies has been formed by the cleantech investor company Kiko Ventures.

Kiko Ventures established the new fund with the intention of developing a more adaptable funding framework for technology that addresses climate change as global investment in cleantech keeps rising.

The Kiko team, which was set off from FTSE 250 business IP Group, intends to invest £200 million over the next five years utilising IP Group’s adaptable capital platform.

It will operate in the public capital markets in addition to making private seed, series A, and series B investments in emerging businesses.

The team is made up of partners with expertise making investments at all three phases, including past bets on startups like Oxbotica and Ceres Power, a fuel cell company.

According to founding partner Robert Trezona, “I believe in the transformative power of climate technology and have worked my whole career to elevate ideas from the lab into practical, useable solutions that may make our world a better place.”

By combining ideas, knowledge, and funding to create a sustainable future, “We launched Kiko to unleash the full power of human innovation. To do this, we developed a truly flexible capital investment strategy that fosters change rather than resists it.

Jamie Vollbracht, a fellow founding partner, continued, “I chose to devote my career to doing what I could to help after seeing the gravity of the climate catastrophe shortly after graduating from university.

“I realised I was most valuable in commercialising innovative clean technology and have strived to develop better ways to enable those innovations flourish ever since.”

The fund, which calls itself as a “evergreen cleantech venture investor,” claimed that since it is not bound by a 10-year investment mandate, it is free to be more flexible with its investments.