Largest Auto Parts Stores in the US


Despite the pandemic, the worldwide online automobile aftermarket is anticipated to expand by more than. North America is expected to contribute 35% of this growth. Seeing as how many DIY automobile projects are being undertaken by people who are remaining at home, the stay-at-home orders have been fantastic news for home improvement retailers as well as some of the biggest auto parts vendors. AutoZone, Napa Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, Carquest, Pep Boys, Fisher Auto Parts, and AutoNation are some of the biggest auto component retailers in the US that we will be examining.

1. O’Reilly Auto Parts

In the US, O’Reilly Auto Parts has 5,592 stores. The states having the most locations are Texas (752), California (562), and Florida (246). O’Reilly’s has a significant concentration of outlets in the largest southern US cities including Houston, Dallas, and Jacksonville, but its presence in the northeast is less pronounced. The business serves both the markets for professional service providers and do-it-yourselfers by operating as one of the biggest specialized sellers of automobile aftermarket parts and accessories in the United States.

O’Reilly Auto Parts has 5,592 locations around the US. Texas (752), California (562), and Florida (246) have the most locations.

2. NAPA Auto Parts

In the market for automobile parts and accessories in the US, NAPA Auto Parts is without a doubt the industry leader. With over 6,000 locations nationally, easy online purchasing choices, and affordable rates on top of that, it’s no wonder that NAPA has become a household name for do-it-yourself auto care jobs. Additionally, clients can now accrue points through their “NAPA Rewards” loyalty program on purchases that can be redeemed for discounts. Additionally, they provide extra services like free battery testing and wiper blade installation at some locations.

Be sure to check out their ProLinkTM program if you’re a professional mechanic looking to access special offers. There is one more catch, though, if all of this hasn’t already piqued your interest: NAPA also seeks to lessen its influence on the environment.

3. Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts has expanded to become a major retailer of automobile parts and services in the United States since its founding in 1932. Customers may find everything they need at affordable costs at one of the more than 5,000 physical auto parts stores that are spread out over the nation, as well as at an online store that allows for convenient purchasing from home. The installation of wiper blades, oil recycling, and battery testing are all complimentary for customers, and they also receive special discounts through their ‘Speed Perks’ loyalty program when they accrue points through purchases! Leading the way in offering goods and services to qualified mechanics while also taking into account their environmental impact is Advance Auto Parts. They recently started recycling spent motor oil and switched their delivery fleet to run on alternate fuels. Wеbsitе Dеvеlopmеnt Coursеs in Lahorе

4. Genuine Parts Company 

Genuine Parts Company is a large company that owns 4 different brands: Motion Industries, S.P. Richards, ELS, and Napa Auto Parts. The company is very large and has a high market capital given the different industries it operates in. Over the past 5 years, their stocks continued to grow, and while having some downturns, they primarily have increased their dividends over the years.

5.Carquest Auto Parts

Carquest Auto Parts, a leading supplier of automotive parts and accessories in the US, can help you get your car running smoothly once again! This family-run company was established in 1974 and has since expanded to over 1,367 auto parts outlets around the country. Additionally, their web store allows for home shopping, making it even more convenient.

It’s understandable why people keep returning to this location with the excellent prices, friendly employees, free battery testing, and wiper blade installation services offered. Not to mention their loyalty program, “Carquest Rewards,” which enables users to accumulate points they may subsequently exchange for savings on subsequent purchases.So buckle up, people; these are like your friendly local mechanics of old.

6. Go Auto Insurance

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7.  True Car

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