Make flipbook from PDF: Why to do it!

This article talks about the features of digital flipbooks. Further, it talks about why it’s a nice idea to make flipbook from PDF.

Make flipbook from PDF

Digital flipbooks are HTML5-based digital publications that are easy to create and distribute. All you need is a digital flipbook maker that can help you to make flipbook from PDF.

A digital flipbook is famous for providing readers the best of both worlds i.e. print and digital. You can flip the pages of digital flipbooks and enjoy the experience of reading a traditional paper-bound book. The experience is oddly satisfying and you can ask for more flipbooks to read.

In addition to the page-flipping effect, digital flipbooks are loaded with a wide array of amazing features. Some of them are:

1. Multimedia integration

To make your digital flipbooks more engaging and interesting for your readers and customers, you can integrate animations, pop-ups, images, and videos into them. No doubt, people of all ages would like to enjoy these multimedia components while reading the text of your flipbooks.

2. Security settings

To make your confidential content or data safe on the internet, you can use advanced security settings offered by digital flipbooks. You can integrate passwords and/or disable the printing and sharing options. You can also prevent Google indexing if you want to.

3. Third-party tool incorporation

You can incorporate third-party marketing and analytics tools into your digital flipbooks. This way, you can make your content famous and can keep a tab on its performance.

4. Branding

You can include your logo in your digital flipbooks. You can also use your background image, colors, etc. Further, some digital flipbook makers allow you to use your own domain name for your flipbooks.

Why it’s time to convert PDF to flipbook or make flipbook from PDF?

PDF files are ideal for printing, but they are not the most flexible format. Here is why you should make flipbook from PDF:

PDF files are designed to be viewed on screen, so you can’t edit them in the same way you could a Word document or PowerPoint presentation. This makes it difficult to change text or add images without re-saving the file. If you wish to save changes as you go, you have to go through the whole process of re-sending your work in order to make those changes.

PDFs do not allow users to insert images from other locations within the document itself. So if someone sends you a PDF with a logo on it, there’s no way for you to insert it into your own PDF file. It is also possible to embed your own PDF documents into another document, but again, this needs an extra step of opening them up in Adobe Viewer and then saving them as separate files.

Further, PDF files are not mobile-friendly. Your customers and potential customers can have a hard time trying to view them on their smartphones and iPads. Not to mention, a lot of people today use mobile phones, and thus not having a mobile-friendly publication can cost you dearly.

On the contrary, digital flipbooks are easy to edit, integrate multimedia from anywhere, and all device friendly.

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