Natarajasana: Advantages and Disadvantages

Natarajasana- Advantages and Disadvantages

Natarajasana is a unique yoga position that relies on the balance of your body. The Dancer Pose is thought to be extremely advantageous for abdominal, back, and chest. Natarajasana is known as “Dancer Pose” in English And through 100 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh the student will learn about yoga as well as receive all the information you need about yoga.

What exactly is Natarajasana?

Yoga is thought to have was first practiced in India. Yogasanas of various types have been described in depth in texts from the Bible as well. A popular asana for example could be Dancer Pose, which is considered to be the dancer version that is a part of “Lord Shankar”. Therefore, the asana is referred to as Natarajasana. Also, take some ED problem treatment medicine like FIldena 100 purple pill and super p force. In addition being as one of the principal positions in the Indian traditional dance Bharatanatyam. In order to perform this posture you must maintain a balanced body.

Advantages of Dancer Pose:

When Dancer Pose is done with correct technique, and with treatment, then it may provide the following benefits to health The following health benefits

  1. Improved Body Balance in Dance Pose

Regularly practicing Natarajasana helps strengthen the muscles that are in the center of the body. This enhances balance in the body.

  1. Get your hips to be flexible and dancer Pose

If the exercise Natarajasana executed with proper method it gives the hip muscles a good stretch, and their flexibilities increase.

  1. Natarajasana stretch abdominal muscles

The practice of Natarajasana correctly can also help stretch abdominal muscles. At it’s same time internal organs in the stomach are also activated.

  1. Natarajasana offers tranquility

The benefits of Natarajasana are positive on your health, not just physically, but also mentally. It is an excellent option for people suffering from anxiety, mental stress as well as depression.

But, the benefits for health from Dancer Pose generally vary according to the type of yoga asana, and also the overall health of the individual who performs it.

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Method for Natarajasana:

If you’re planning to attempt Dancer Pose for the first time, then understanding the steps below can assist you master the yoga practice a breeze.

1 – Place an unflat mat on the surface and then stand in Tadasana pose.

  1. Now, bend your right knee. Bring the heel of your foot close to the buttocks and secure the foot with the right hand.
  2. Bend to the side while keeping your right hand to the front, and then hold the leg in the right hand.

4 – Utilize the hip joints when bending, while keeping the spine straight

  1. Afterwards, keep raising the leg on the right side and lower the thigh to the floor.

The mudra can be maintained according to your ability during a time, and slowly return to normal. If you have questions regarding this posture you should consult a reputable yoga teacher.

Precautions during Natarajasana:

It is crucial to bear certain aspects in your mind while dancing poses.

  • Always do yoga on a flat ground
  • During your yoga practice, pay full focus on the posture.
  • Maintain your neck straight while you maintain your posture.
  • Avoid trying to force anyone into action

The time to not perform Natarajasana:

If you suffer from any of these health problems it is recommended to consult your doctor prior to doing Natarajasana (or any other yoga practice).

  • serious pain or injury any body part
  • high blood pressure, heart disease or
  • Being diagnosed with a health condition due to age or imbalance in your body
  • Heart disease or blood pressure
  • Menstruation and the onset of pregnancy