Student accommodation in Southampton– several tips to find the best one

student accommodation in Southampton

Selecting a place to stay is really exciting but it can also daunting experience, especially for all the students. It can be really challenging to find the best spot when juggling classes social activities as well as managing a budget. However, with some planning and the best approach, you can easily navigate the process properly. You can follow along as here you can find some of the valuable tips to find the most suitable place to live. 

Start your search early:

One of the most important tips when searching for university housing is to start the process as early as possible. The competition for student-friendly options is really fierce so it is essential to stay ahead. You will also weigh your options of staying on-campus or off-campus. You need to start your search many months in advance to provide yourself with ample time to explore different kinds of options and also secure the right kind of place. 

Budgeting is the key:

Accommodation in Southampton options come in at different price points. So, there is something which will suit all budgets. The dorms and the other private student residences can be really costly especially when you can benefit such as gym access and catering are thrown into the mix. If you are a returning student, then just get a discount by being a resident advisor. If you choose a privately rented property through an agency or an independent landlord, then this is a cost-effective option. Do your best to save before going to the college and draw up a budget that accounts for travel and accommodation expenses when working out which Southampton student accommodation solutions the perfect for you. 

Consider your location:

Location is one of the best factors when looking for a flat. Consider it is proximity to the campus, public transportation as well as essential amenities like supermarkets as well as pharmacies. Convenience is one of the best aspects of student living as the calendars quickly fill up with classes, work-study programs as well as jobs. The right location is the key to mastering a busy schedule.

Look for ease of commuting:

How far you are okay to travel every day? Living on campus is really important as it often means that you are close to the classes, social activities as well as a library for late-night study sessions. Sometimes, the campuses are a little disjointed and you can find dorms located far away from other amenities. you can check the distance before you secure one’s room. Living off-campus can be a really fantastic option if you want to spend most of your time studying at home, have an off-campus job, or like to visit home. Compare the commutes of the on-campus as well as off-campus living and also decide which suits one’s lifestyle best. 

Look for amenities and utilities:

When visiting different kinds of locations, you need to ask about amenities as well as the utilities available. Some of the communities comprise services like water, gas as well as waste removal. Consider how such factors affect your monthly budget and how you will need to set up your own accounts. 


College is really stressful without worrying about whether you or your belongings are safe or not inside the home. All the good student accommodation in Southampton have firm security measures in place. The basics such as a burglar system as well as a fire alarm are compulsory. If you are in a student residence building, is the entry manned by staff? Check if these are operated by a key fob access system or a traditional lock and key. At the end of the day, you can decide whether you will feel secure enough to relax in that space. If the answer is no then it is not the most suitable student accommodation. 

Find your community:

Deciding whether to live alone or with flatmates is another essential choice. Living with others can reduce all your costs significantly but it is really important to find people who are compatible in terms of lifestyle, cleanliness as well as financial responsibilities. Ensure that you have open and honest discussions about expectations and responsibilities before you move in together. After moving in, you can discover different ways to participate in the on-site events, locate study spaces as well as connect in the social areas which are available at many of the student properties. 

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