GIF Compressor – How to Reduce the Size of GIF Files

Another method of compressing GIF files is with the free GIF compressors available online. These tools allow you to reduce the size of an image without compromising on quality. Some of them even offer ad-free features. You can also use them to make GIFs from videos.

The GIF compressor will start by uploading your GIF file. Once you have done so, a folder will open up and show the original file. Select it and wait for the process to finish. Once it is complete, you can download the output to your computer. Once the conversion is complete, you will have a small, compressed GIF file that will be great for social media or web pages.

Another free tool that will compress your animated GIF is the Radical Image Optimization Tool. This tool supports JPEG and PNG and can optimize your GIF to a desired quality. It also offers basic editing features and lets you save your settings. Another nice feature is that it allows you to rotate and zoom in a GIF. However, this application only works with Windows.

Another free GIF compressor is You Compress. It supports several file formats, has an easy-to-use interface, and works well. It’s also useful for beginners since it does not turn animated GIFs into a static picture. Its UI is straightforward and ad-free.

X Convert

X Convert GIF compressor is an application for compressing GIF images. It supports a range of image formats and offers advanced settings for compression. It can preserve the original quality of your files and generates output files in MP4 format. It also provides advanced privacy features for uploaded files.

The main advantage of X Convert GIF compressor is that it helps you reduce the file size without compromising on the quality. You can drag and drop the image files you want to convert and can also choose the output file size, frame rate, and quality. You can even upload batches of images for conversion. This application works for most image formats, including JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

Compression is done using loss LZW compression. This compression method is suitable for most types of GIFs, as it can reduce the file size by up to 60% without compromising quality. Generally, the loss compression level is 75%, while a higher level will result in more compression.

X Convert GIF compressor is a powerful online tool that compresses images. It also enables you to choose the quality of the output image and adjust its resolution. Unlike other GIF compressors, it gives you complete control over the content, allowing you to upload your own GIF or paste a link to an already compressed GIF. The app is perfect for video editing and discord users who need to reduce the size of their GIF images.