The Benefits of a Quality Jewellery Barcode

Quality jewelry barcodes are designed to encase various forms of jewelry without damaging it. They come in the form of butterfly-cut labels, dumbbell labels or even rat tail labels and can withstand tear-and-abrasion resistance.

Dynamsoft’s barcode recognition technology will enable you to build an efficient jewellery store management system and speed up day-to-day business operations while improving customer service.
Easy to read

Jewellery barcodes are series of bars representing numbers or letters. When you scan them, your computer interprets them as strings of characters similar to typing it manually – complete with check digits to ensure accuracy of data entry.print barcode jeddah

Quality jewellery barcodes will meet ANSI grade A standards, meaning they can easily be read by a barcode verifier. Averaged results from 10 scans determine its grade. A lower grade may indicate printing issues, poor reflectance profiles or missing data areas.

An omnichannel jewellery brand needed an effective barcode scanning solution to enhance customer service and grow business, and Dynamsoft’s barcode scanning SDK was chosen as an efficient inventory management system integration option. Their mobile app enables store associates to quickly access product info within it and serve customers more quickly than ever.

No matter if it is on shampoo bottles, jewellery tags, or large shipping labels; using durable labels with the appropriate material is key to their performance and lasting strength. Different materials have been created specifically to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and tough washdown conditions as well as UV exposure and abrasions.

Quality barcode labels will have a high ANSI grade rating. In order to attain such an honorable distinction, the print must fulfill nine attributes evaluated through an automated scan; these attributes are determined based on reflectance profile analysis used by verifiers to assess printed barcodes.

Jewellery labels and tags are designed to securely wrap around various kinds of jewelry without damaging it in any way. Made to be both abrasion and tear-resistant, and soft to touch, these tags can also be customized to display information and specifications relevant to each jewelry item – and come in multiple forms like butterfly-cut labels, dumbbell labels or even rat tail styles.
Easy to apply

Quality jewellery barcodes offer an easy way to track inventory, billing and shipping. Anyone with access to an ANSI Grade A scanner or higher can use these barcodes; their use will only be restricted by software that reads them. By preordering labels that you will print within an anticipated timeframe you may save yourself some costly printer ink expenses.

One of the nation’s top jewellers required an effective solution for quickly accessing product details and increasing productivity within store. They selected Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reading SDK as they developed an app dedicated to scanning barcodes on jewellery labels.

Labels made to wrap jewellery without causing damage are tear- and abrasion-resistant, soft to the touch, tear- and abrasion-proof, look better than film tags, come in various sizes and materials to suit your needs, feature butterfly, dumbbell or rat tail designs with non-adhesive middles to avoid glue stains on jewellery items, as well as feature non-adhesive edges to avoid glue stains on items.

Research indicates that the jewelry industry is thriving, earning over 269 billion in sales last year alone. Much of its growth can be attributed to innovative jewelry brands that offer high-quality pieces at accessible prices – companies which are revolutionizing fine jewelry while opening themselves up to an entirely new customer base.

Many affordable fine jewelry brands sell directly-to-consumer, which allows them to sell products at lower price points than traditional jewelers while keeping costs down and passing along savings directly to consumers. Furthermore, this direct channel approach gives customers more options of jewelry designs available.

Pacific Barcode offers a complete line of labeling solutions designed specifically for your jewellery business. Their labels can easily wrap around rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets while remaining aesthetically pleasing and being abrasion resistant. Plus they can even feature dynamic URLs so your customers can learn more about the piece they are purchasing!

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