nandi hills


We don’t disagree with the adage that “the best spots are typically off the map.” The fact that Nandi Hills, located in Karnataka, has become a popular tourist destination attests to the fact that it was once unknown to foreigners. Though it’s surrounded by stunning scenery, spectacular attractions, and bizarre experiences, this southern jewel is surprisingly small.

Visit Nandi Hill When It’s At Its Best

The fact that it is enjoyable to visit at any time of year is one of its many appealing features. Select a departure date and get your baggage ready. If you want to go during the best time of year, when the temperature is between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius, then you should go between October and May. June through September sees modest rainfall that keeps the hills wet all season long. Nandi Hills should be your first and only pick for a hill station vacation in South India. Not only that, but the climate in Nandi Hills is pleasant throughout the year.

Directions to Nandi Hills

This little hill station in Karnataka is accessible through air, train, and road, although the only direct route is via road. To get to Nandi Hills from Bangalore, fly into Kempegowda International Airport. From there, you can take a cab or taxi to your destination.

Chikkaballapur is the closest station to get off the train at, and from there you can take a bus or a taxi to your final destination if you’re so inclined. However, if you want a shorter road journey, you can drive the 60 kilometres from Bangalore to Nandi.

You may get around the hill station using either auto rickshaws or cabs. However, walking around it is the greatest way to take in its splendour up close and personal. There’s no need to stress if you’re driving from Bangalore to Nandi Hills; you can go around in your own car.

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5 Must-See Attractions in Nandi Hills

Explore all of the wonders of this natural paradise by reading this. Even though there are no official Nandi Hills hours, visitors should be aware that the following locations are open on the days and at the times listed.

As Low As You Can Go, Tipu

Tipu’s Drop is one of Nandi’s oldest and most well-known tourist sites, and it’s located on a cliff top 600 metres above the earth. In addition to its notoriety as the cliff from where the prisoners were shoved, this location is highly regarded for its breathtaking panorama of the city below. The town below may be seen in all its glory from this vantage point atop Nandi Hills.

Time-wise, an hour is just right.

Timing is from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.

There is a temple dedicated to Bhoga Nandeeshwara.

The Nandi Temple is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka, having been built in the 9th century. The stunning architecture of this complex at the foot of the hills alone justifies the price of admission and the time spent there. This is one of the best attractions in the Nandi Hills.

Time-wise, an hour is just right.

Hours: 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.

The Summer Palace of Tipu

Tipu’s Summer Residence, which he also called Tashk-e-jannat, is another must-see attraction in Nandi. The walls and ceilings are painted, and the structure’s wooden arches and pillars have been intricately carved. Visit this site at the very least once on your vacation.

Time-wise, an hour is just right.

Timeframes: Not Available


Sage Ramakrishna Paramhansa once meditated in this cave, which is now frequented by sightseers. If you’re more of a seeker of tranquilly, then this location in Nandi Hills in Bangalore is just what the doctor ordered.

Timing: preferably 2 hours

The timing is not available at this time.

Specifically, the Amrita Sarovar.

Close to the Nandi region is the Amrita Sarovar, an important water supply. The Lake of Nectar, created by these perennial springs, is a breathtaking sight that visitors to the Nandi Hills in Karnataka should not miss. After the sun goes down, the moon and stars cast a beautiful glow across the clear lake.

Time-wise, an hour is just right.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nandi, a beautiful location close to Bangalore, is undeniably well of your time and effort if you’re looking for a revitalising vacation. Stop hesitating and prepare to walk the path less travelled! Plan a trip to Karnataka right away to find serenity in the great outdoors.