Virginia is steeped in history. The state produced four of the first presidents of the state. The two main attractions of the state are Monticello and Mount Vernon. Virginia also has the highest number of Civil War battlefields and sites where the Revolution and the Civil War ended. One of the hotbeds of the Revolution. Williamsburg, the colonial capital, was restored in the 18th Century. Natural attractions of Virginia are Natural Bridge, Luray Caverns, Shenandoah National Park, and islands of Chincoteague and Assateague. If you plan to visit Virginia, visit the Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages option available on their website. Book your tickets and fly to the state with utmost comfort.

Here are The Best places to Visit:

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is widely famous for its sparkling golden sand. It is the perfect beach to take your kids to. They can have a lot of fun at the Ocean Breeze Waterpark, which has many waterslides, water grounds, and pools. The beach is usually crowded with locals and tourists. One of the main attractions at the beach is Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum. The museum is all about water life, including coastal fauna, aquatic creatures, interactive exhibits, and touch tanks. Other attractions of the beach are the Back Bay National Wildlife Ruge,

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg will take to you the time of the American Revolution and Williamsburg as well. You can visit the same spot where Patrick Henry gave his speech, take a walk on the street as Jefferson, and grab a bite of seafood where George Washington used to come. Thai colonial capital in 1705 was actively political and is now one of the main attractions of Virginia. Your kids might also enjoy the dressed-up performers who depict life back then. There are two museums as well for you to see the artifacts of the revolutionary time.

Mount Vernon

Home to George Washington until his last breath from 1754 was getting prepared under his supervision. He kept a close eye on each of the 21 rooms, halls, and the tiniest of the detail of this house. The wallpapers and wall colors will give you a nostalgic feeling, and the interior of the house will leave you in surprise. The house has not been vacant, and you will get to explore all of the personal belongings of Washington and his partner. The lawn and the lobby have also been maintained just like George kept it.

Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns is an underground natural system that will definitely catch your attention. The views inside the cave are surreal, and you can just walk through them and see them closely. Highlights of this place are the shiny crystals inside the caves, Titania’s Veil, Lakes inside the area, and the Great Stalacpipe Organ, a unique musical instrument. Other sites you don’t want to miss are the Luray Valley Museum, Car and Carriage Museum, and the Toy Town Junction.

Monticello and Charlottesville

Charlottesville and Monticello are two of the finest houses in the US. Monticello, home to Thomas Jefferson, was designed by him. He got the inspiration from a villa that was situated in Italy. It took him 40 long years to complete the house of his dreams. Inside the house, you will find inventions of Jefferson. The attraction that you might enjoy outside the house is the Landscape of Slavery: Mulberry Row at Monticello exhibit. Highland, the country house of President Monroe, is also walking distance away from here. Make sure you do not miss that because it is a beautiful architectural structure in Virginia with many things to explore.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

If you are an aesthete, you must visit the Fine Arts Museum in Virginia. The museums hold more than 22,000 artworks and largely depict contemporary and modern art. The collection includes European and American art. Along with that, you will find many documents, lithographs, and woodcuts inside the museum. There are five galleries inside the museum that displays the wide collection of Fabergé and Russian decorative arts, which includes a unique group of five  Fabergé easter eggs, silver, and enamels.

Busch Gardens

Inspired by Europe, this garden and adventure park is the perfect place to take your kids when you visit Virginia. There you will find dressed-up dancers, a band playing live music for you, and rides for your kids. The rids and roller coasters are themed after Loch Ness Monster and the Alps. If you want to spend some quiet time, you can visit the Board Collies her sheep or spend some time with exotic birds found in their aviary. In addition to that, the garden also has special sections for small kids, and there are rides that are age-appropriate.

Jamestown and Yorktown

Jamestown and Yorktown are situated in the Colonial National Historic Park. This is the place where the American Revolution came to an end. Jamestown was established by John Smith in 1607 and is the oldest settlement of British in North America. The only things that have not been restored over the decades are the churchyard, church tower, and a few buildings. Yorktown is the battlefield where English Army surrendered to the American and French Armies altogether. The highlight of Yorktown is the 18th Century Moore House, Nelson house, and the Grace Episcopal Church. There are numerous dioramas and displays that give you a detailed description of the events that must have taken place on the battlefield at the time of the Revolution. Visit the Communion silver that has been left untouched and is still in use since 1649.


Virginia is a place where you can go on a solo trip, on vacation with your family and friends, or just you and your partner, and you will still have a great time. Whosoever you tag along with, remember to check out Spirit Airlines Español Teléfono to get the best deals and discounts on your flight, hotel, and car rentals in Virginia. They provide great services at amazing prices, and their services are available both online and offline to make it easy for you.