Tips And Ideas To Ensure Maximum Employee Inclusivity In Your Next Virtual Town Hall Meeting

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Drowsy about listening to employees’ shitty excuses of just falling sick, of going to some far-off relatives’ marriage, or of spouse’s urgent work as they don’t want to join the next boring virtual town hall meeting. It has become difficult to control the exclusivity of employees while sitting on a chair at home. The growing global, remote, and generationally diverse workforce calls for new workplace solutions such as virtual meetings. Want everyone’s camera to be on at the Virtual town hall meeting and want strong engagement from them but don’t know how to make them ride on the same boat. Explore some tips and ideas to ensure maximum employee inclusivity in your next virtual town hall meeting.

1. Develop a clear agenda and schedule

Developing a great agenda will captivate employees to join the meeting. The agenda should be related to the business activities of a company which will help to involve employees with interest. It should be interesting and engaging and help to build your company culture. There is a range of other software packages on the market that are designed to broadcast more interactive seminars/meetings to audiences and may give more detailed analytics and controls to organizers, depending on their needs.

2. Start with the ice breakers to grab attention

Icebreakers will break the monotonous work schedule and will energize colleagues toward their work. Icebreakers bring a friendly vibe among colleagues. They will convert the face with a yawning mouth into a face with laughing expressions. If it will be a meeting of a small group, it will bring introverts out of their shell and will be able to speak with confidence and also will feel comfortable. They are the solutions to every constraint of virtual meetings, this will excite, invite and delight employees present in the meeting.

3. Celebrate employees’ achievements to boost their morale

Want to gain everyone’s confidence and enthusiasm and then be there to celebrate their achievements.  Whether a shout-out from a colleague, a quarterly reward for exceptional performance, or an acknowledgment for exhibiting company values, employee recognition is an effective way to engage employees during town hall meetings and reinforce that every person’s contributions are valued. Everyone wants appreciation for the work they do and if it’s from the employer, this will make a difference in their career journey.

4. Use a variety of speakers

Having the same speakers every time will make the meeting experience quite predictable and monotonous. To spice things up, a variety of speakers are mandatory from all departments and management levels. Not only does this allow different perspectives to be represented, but it also creates a truer sense of what’s going on across the entire organization. Be inclusive in selecting speakers by getting camera-shy people on board.

5. Live to stream

The live stream will enhance the experience of employees with the help of virtual meetings streaming software, like Mixhubb.  There will be real-time participation as you get staff to share their opinion and questions with live chat, polls, and Q&A. Foster more engagement, collaboration, and peer-to-peer connections at work.

6. Draft content before the meeting

The success of virtual town hall meetings lies in the simple and sorted content. Complicated content will make it difficult for the employees to understand and this will distract them and they will switch to another chore. Be selective of your content,  should be related to the company but a bit away from it also so that they don’t feel it like a normal conference room. For presenting the content instead of changing slide after slide a person can make a presentation clip to make it more impressive.


A virtual town hall meeting aims to provide a transparent and open environment to encourage two-way communication between staff and leadership. Helps to improve the visibility of the organization’s leadership. Significantly less expensive than running an in-person event. A town hall meeting is a way to bring all employees within a company together so that they can simultaneously hear the same information at the same time, have the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions and also participate in activities that are beneficial for team building, enhancing employee engagement and boosting morale.