What are the side effects of LASIK eye surgery?

What are the side effects of LASIK eye surgery?

Lasik eye surgery has emerged as one of the most popular yet effective ways to correct vision-related problems such as farsightedness, near-sightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure of LASIK surgery includes modification of the cornea to enhance its functions. Amongst all the other treatments, LASIK surgery has become the most effective treatment with long-lasting and permanent effects on people with vision issues. Although exceptions exist, very few people might have some side effects after surgery. Therefore, you still need to be aware of the side effects of the surgery before undergoing LASIK eye surgery. This article has mentioned all the possible side effects and risks associated with LASIK surgery. Let’s get going.

Side effects of LASIK eye surgery

  1. Itchy eyes- For days after surgery, your eyes might sometimes feel itchy and scratchy. Itchy eyes are prevalent in patients undergoing surgery, and you can use artificial tears to provide a soothing effect to reduce the sensations in the eyes.
  2. Dry eyes- Many patients complain of dryness in the regards very soon after the Lasik surgery, and it is pretty standard. Sometimes, dryness comes along with redness, but it takes a few days to disappear. But if the problem persists for longer, you must reach your ophthalmologist. 
  3. Temporary vision fluctuation- Lasik eye surgery is the most effective treatment for vision correction with less healing time. But sometimes, the patients who undergo surgery complain of temporary blurry vision for days. And it is noted that LASIK surgery does take time and sometimes a little more than it usually takes. Therefore, you must keep calm and wait for a few days until your eyes completely heal. 
  1. Infection in the eyes- Infection can occur in the eyes after the surgery but in rare cases. But if it persists for more days, you must get an appointment with your ophthalmologist to get rid of the infection. 
  2. Halos or starbursts- Patients might complain of halos and starbursts in the rarest of the rarest cases. Patients can face difficulty while driving at night. Night glare includes halos and starbursts. Halos refer to the rings around the light source, while starbursts are the glare you see around the light. But these are the common side effects patients have after LASIK surgery and can last for months in rare cases.
  3. Flap issues- Lasik eye surgery includes the modification of the cornea by lifting the flap and reshaping it. Thus, in some patients, the flap takes more time to heal completely, leading to complications.  
  4. Sensitive to light- Most patients are slightly sensitive to light after surgery. But this is normal and can last up to a few days. Usually, surgeons recommend you wear sunglasses for days after the surgery to avoid the sunlight and its effect on your eyes. Thus, make sure to wear sunglasses as advised by your surgeon.

Although the side effects of LASIK are significantly less and disappear with time, you still need to take lots of care after the surgery and make sure you reach your ophthalmologist in case of any severe issue you face. 

Above, we discussed the side effects of LASIK eye surgery, but as we know, the benefits of Lasik also overcome the side effects. Therefore, let’s read about the advantages of undergoing LASIK surgery.

Advantages of LASIK eye surgery

1- No pain- Lasik surgery usually takes 10-15 minutes for both eyes and is almost more painless than other surgeries. Therefore, before surgery, you can be relaxed, thinking that the surgery is easy.

2- Permanent- Lasik is one of the most trending treatments for eye-related ailments due to its permanent effect on the eyes. There are no other follow-up procedures after the surgery unless there is a mistake in the LASIK surgery.

3- Less healing time- LASIK does not involve stitches and bandages. Therefore, the healing time after surgery is significantly less. And you get a clear vision in a few days after the surgery.

4- Corrected vision- The vision you get after surgery is permanent and more transparent than other treatments. When you get the surgery, you start noticing the changes in your vision but wait for a few days and see how better your vision gets after LASIK.

5- Free from wearing glasses or lenses- After you get your LASIK done, or for a few days, you may wear zero-power lenses to avoid contact with dust or blue rays emitted by screens. But after that, you can say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses and enjoy the clear vision you get after surgery.


Every treatment we undergo comes with benefits along with some side effects. Similarly, LASIK eye surgery has some potential side effects that might disturb you for some time after the surgery but will disappear after a few days. No one will guarantee that LASIK surgery is completely safe with no side effects. Thus, it would be best if you kept in mind that you will have to bare mild side effects of the surgery to have a long-lasting and permanent impact on the vision that the surgery offers. Hence, people should oversee the side effects of LASIK eye surgery and opt for it.