What Does SMT Meaning On Text, Instagram And TikTok

SMT Mean

In this digital world, everyone starts living with shortcuts. Shortcuts in homework, typing messages, shopping, etc. While chatting, have you ever got a message from your friend that includes “SMT” in it? You may have ignored it thinking of typing by mistake or may have searched for it on Google. Could you be able to find a satisfactory answer to this? If not then you have now landed in the perfect place. Here you will get all the meanings of “SMT” like SMT text meaning, what it means when you see it on some posts, its meaning on TikTok videos, etc.

While Texting, What Does SMT Mean?

While chatting with your friend or someone else, you may have seen an abbreviation in the message- “SMT” and instead of asking them directly, you think of searching for what does smt mean in text. In this context, you will get to know about it so you don’t have to face such issues elsewhere.

“SMT” in the text means “Sucking My Teeth”. It is used to show disapproval of something. The person who is using this acronym as a slang is not satisfied with something which is in discussion and through SMT he is showing how annoyed he is with that. You will easily understand it with some examples extracted from the chats to show you the exact usage of SMT:

  • I didn’t like her decision, smt.
  • Should we bunk college today? Smt
  • He had done wrong to her, smt.

In all the above examples, the sender is showing his disapproval of the delivered statements. Now you know smt meaning in texting, use it while chatting with your friends and give the impression of a digital chatting guru.

SMT on Instagram, What Does it Mean?

“Send Me This” is what SMT means on Instagram. After knowing the meaning of SMT in text, the next question that arises is what does SMT mean on Instagram? On Instagram or any other social media platform, some of your friends may have tagged you in a post and written “smt”. They meant that they wanted you to send that to them.

Let’s understand it clearly with some examples:

  • Hey, this is so cute, smt on my birthday.
  • I need this dress, please smt.
  • If you are seeking to buy a gift for me, smt.

Smt on Tiktok, What Does It Mean?

It is sometimes used as a shorthand for “something”. Mainly TikTok users use SMT in this way. Generally, users write smt in place of something due to the laziness of typing or fast typing. Let’s see some of it’s examples:

  • There is smt in this place, it catches me up.
  • Tell me smt, I am getting bored.
  • After class, we will plan smt for the trip.


There may be other meanings of SMT like Smiling To Myself, SM Town, Shiver Me Timbers, and others, but the above-defined usage of SMT is widely used. Visit Allinsider for more blogs about social media content like this.