What is the Keyboard Shortcut for Undo And Redo Action

Keyboard shortcut for Undo And Redo action

Computers, laptops, and tablets are prominent gadgets in our daily lives which reduce the burdens of various toils. they not only save time but also function with accuracy. Meanwhile, users find more reliable ways to save time and shortcut keys play a vital role in implementing this need. Shortcut keys are developed for faster execution of instructions on a Windows or a Mac device.  Shortcut keys are also called keyboard shortcuts that aim to enhance user experience. There are abundant shortcut keys available on a keyboard but only a few of them are well-versed to everyday users. Redo and undo are two important shortcut keys that are widely used by users on every day’s toil. But are you familiar with the process of how to redo on keyboard or use these shortcut keys on a Windows or Mac device? If not, then remain with the article to learn about its access.

Benefits of Using Shortcut Keys on Windows Or Mac

Before moving to the accessing methods, you should know the benefits of using shortcut keys on Windows or Mac devices.

1. Enhanced Speed And Accuracy

Shortcut keys help to type correctly and reduce the frequent use of keyboards for a particular function such as capitalizing words, highlighting, or other functions. In this way, users receive an accurate output for their work and complete them on time.

2. Increased Work Efficiency

Shortcut keys are trailblazers that assist in increasing work efficiency. its constant use enhances speed and accuracy thus resulting in high work productivity.

3. Time Savor Method For Users

These keys are created to reduce time on completing tasks. It works faster than pointing a cursor and then clicking on an option and makes the user independent of using the mouse.

What Is An Undo And A Redo Shortcut Key?

Most of the users are unaware of the fact that an undo and a redo command or shortcut keys are used for editing your instructions for a particular task and are used for editing in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 

1. Undo Shortcut Key

An undo keyboard shortcut key is used to reverse the instruction given by a user and do the necessary correction on the task.

2. Redo Shortcut Key

 A redo keyboard shortcut key works opposite to the undo command and is performed after using an undo command. a redo command restores an instruction that has been incomplete by an undo.

Steps to Use An Undo And Redo Shortcut Keys on Windows

An undo and a redo shortcut keys are not the direct keys available on the keyboard, it is a combination of several keyboard keys. Adhere to the given instructions here –

  • For Undo  – Press Together Ctrl + Z
  • For Redo –  Press Together Ctrl+Y (or) Ctrl +Shift +Z (or) F4 (function key)

Steps to Use Undo And Redo Shortcut Keys on Mac

If you are searching for how to redo on Mac? then, do not worry.  read the given instructions here carefully-

  • For Undo – Press Together Command + Z
  • For Redo – Press Together Command +Y / Command + Shift +Z