What Is The religious history of Umrah Packages 2022

Umrah Packages 2022

Before going on a journey, we must know about the place where we are going to travel. In the same way, when we are going to perform an Umrah journey then we must know about what is the history of Umrah. If we look at the dates back to Umrah Packages 2022 then it is 629 CE. Our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH performed Umrah with his companions in 629 CE. There were almost 2000 companions with him who performed Umrah with Holy Prophet PBUH.

It was the time when Holy Prophet PBUH performed Umrah for the first time. He has to do many struggles and sacrifices for this first pilgrimage to Umrah. So, the first pilgrimage to Umrah was the result of many struggles and sacrifices given by the Holy Prophet PBUH. We refer to Umrah as a minor pilgrimage that Muslims perform at any time of the year. Umrah comes in the list of acts that are highly regarded for the worship of Allah Almighty. Sauditours will help you in this regard by giving you Umrah packages 2022.

History Of Umrah Pilgrimage:

Completion of Higeria:

The history of Umrah flashes back to 622 CE. It was the time when the people of Mecca migrated towards Madinah. This migration was led by our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. The purpose of this migration was to avoid persecution at the hands of Arabs and the authorities of the city, of Mecca. The journey which Holy Prophet PBUH covered from Mecca to Madinah is called Higeria.

Higeria was completed on 24th September 622 CE. This completion led toward the first year of the Islamic calendar. Visiting the Homeland of the Holy Prophet PBUH is the utmost desire of every Muslim. So, visit that holiest place by availing of the Umrah packages 2022.

The tension between Pagan Arabs and Muslims:

The tension between the Pagan Arabs and the Muslims increased in 628 CE. Prophet PBUH saw a dream in which He saw that he is performing Umrah with his companions. Due to this dream, we went to perform Umrah with his 1400 followers. When the residents of Mecca came to know about this, they thought that Muslims are coming for attacking Mecca. When Holy Prophet PBUH came to know about this, he send a message to the people of Mecca that they are coming just to perform Umrah.

The people of Quraysh refused it and said they cannot come this year for the performance of Umrah. After that diplomatic negations take place. Additionally, it resulted in the Treaty of Hudaibiyah. The decision which was made at the end was that Muslims can visit Holy Kaaba for only three days per year.

Due to this reason, the Holy Prophet PBUH and his companions had to come back without the performance of their Umrah journey.

The First Pilgrimage Of Umrah:

After the decision of Hudaibiyah, Holy Prophet PBUH and his 2000 companions came to Mecca the next year for the performance of the Umrah journey. This first Umrah lasted for three days. That’s why we can perform Umrah within a few days. We can perform Umrah in even a few hours m the rest of the time, we visit Ziayarat and other holy places in Mecca and Madinah. Moreover, you can perform Umrah with

Umrah packages 2022.

The allies of Makkah broke the rules of the Treaty of Hudaibiyah. They attacked the followers of the Holy Prophet PBUH. After all this scenario there was the denouncement of the Treaty of Hudaibiyah. He denounced it because many of the Muslims died in the attack done by the allies of Makkah. The purpose of the treaty of Hudaibiyah was changed now. They only wanted bloodshed and even the main purpose was to prevent bloodshed among Muslims and Pagan Arabs.

Muslims As A Formidable Force:

By that time, the strength and courage of the Muslims increased. Along with their strengths, Muslims had now developed into a formidable and courageous force. They can fight with a great crowd. And their hearts are now overloaded with the faith of Allah Almighty. That faith makes them even strongest of all.

Holy Prophet PBUH decided to conquest the city of Mecca. Now the Muslims were also larger in strength. Holy Prophet PBUH took 10,000 people along with him as an army. This army was ready to conquest Mecca having faith inside their hearts. When this army attacked, the great leaders of Mecca were under the control of this army and they surrender themselves.

Now the power was transferred to our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. After getting the power, the holy Prophet PBUH showed gratefulness. He forgave the people of Mecca. This was a great victory for the Muslims. This victory is present in the words of history. It is present in the golden words. This victory is known as the Succession of Mecca. You can visit this city of victory by getting the Umrah packages 2022 UK.

Importance Of Performing Umrah:

There is great importance in performing Umrah for Muslims all over the world. It is a great Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH. As he struggled very hard for the performance of his first Umrah pilgrimage. Muslims perform Umrah in the remembrance of Holy Prophet PBUH. The Umrah pilgrimage has primary importance because Muslims fought a lot of battles in the struggle of performing the Umrah pilgrimage.

There are a lot of people who cannot perform Hajj. It is because Hajj is quite expensive and everyone cannot afford it. It depends upon the financial capability and stability of the Muslims. Allah Almighty has fixed a specific amount of money and gold for the performance of Hajj. If a person has all these things in that fixed amount, then it is an obligation on him to perform Hajj.

But if you are unable to perform Hajj, then you can perform Umrah as well. For those, who can not perform Hajj, Umrah is a quick fix for them. You can perform this quick fix by availing of the Umrah packages by the Sauditours.

What Is Advantageous For Muslims Who Perform Umrah?

There are a lot of advantages for the people who are performing Umrah. Umrah’s journey makes you neat and clean. A person who performs Umrah becomes clean like a newborn baby if his intentions of performing Umrah are pure and clean. Umrah’s journey wages out all your previous sins. It purifies your body and your mind. Along with your body and mind, your soul also becomes transparent.

Another advantage of performing Umrah is that you become the guest of Allah Almighty. You find Allah Almighty as a host. Nothing is more good than this factor. You will become the guest of Allah Almighty who is the creator of all worlds. Hence, be the guest of Allah Almighty by getting the Umrah packages through Sauditours.


Consequently, after reading this article you come to know about the history of Umrah. You must know these things when you are going to perform the Umrah journey. Your faith becomes more and more strongly when you read that our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH put how much struggle and effort into performing this minor pilgrimage. Our faith in Allah Almighty also increases. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity and have the Umrah packages 2022. We wish you a piece of very good luck.