What is WPS? Where is the WPS button on a router?

WPS button

While configuring the wireless router, have ever seen a button on the back that states WPS? If you configure it with the experts’ help, then they know it and will use it as per the need. But if you are planning to set and configure the wireless router on your own, then you need to know what does WPS button do

In this article, you will get to know every information about WPS that you may need while configuring your wireless router.

Meaning of WPS Button

To know what is the wps button, read it thoroughly. You may find a button on the back side of your wireless router, with WPS written on it. WPS means “wifi protected setup”. It is a standard for network security that lets you connect your devices to that wireless router easily. You won’t need to go through the lengthy processes of entering passwords and within a few seconds, you will be able to make such a red connection with your wifi.

WPS doesn’t interfere with the Wi-Fi connection, instead, it takes charge of sending a connection that is going between the router and your device.

WPS is the basic feature that is embedded into all the wireless and mesh Wi-Fi routers. Let’s see its benefits:

  • It lets you easily establish a connection between the router and your device within seconds.
  • Almost all networking devices support this feature, even Windows and Linux have WPS buttons for quick connection.

Working of WPS Button

People generally ask “What is the WPS button on my router doing”. WPS provides quick connection with wifi in 4 different ways. 

While connecting your device to the Wi-Fi network, you must know the network name and password (WPA-PSK key). If you know the accurate credentials, only then you can make a connection. WPS works there and provides quick connection:

  • Turn on the WPS button of the router, locate the router name in your device( phone, laptop, etc.) and click on it. Without entering a password you can connect to the wifi.
  • For wireless devices like printers, turn on the WPS button of the printer and router. They internally will share the passwords or other information and connect automatically. The settings will be saved in the device permanently and in future, you won’t need to turn the WPS button to make a connection.
  • Wireless routers with a WPS button have an 8-digit pin which is stated on the configuration page. In this other way of making connections, Use the pin in devices without WPS.
  • Some devices that support WPS settings but don’t have a button will generate a client PIN that you need to enter into the WPS configuration panel so the device can be added to the network.

Of all 4 methods, the first two provide a quick connection to the router, whereas the last 2 would take time, at least as much as needed to enter the password.


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